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Alcoholics Victorious

A weekly group for anyone seeking recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. Come find your path to recovery.

AV.jpgAlcoholics Victorious (AV) is a group made up of folks from all walks of life. We meet weekly, year round. These meetings are anonymous, low-key get-togethers where people aren’t going to criticize or judge.

We have found our best success comes from following the 12 Steps of AA and clearly putting our hope and dependence in the God of the Bible. 

It's a day to day walk, feeling each day we are clean and sober is a miracle, depending on a God who cares and provides a pathway that brings hope. We would love to have you join us.

When & Where We Meet

New Heights Main Campus
Saturdays - 6:30pm, Room 103 (Childcare available) 
Sundays - 4:30pm, TLC South
Mondays - 7pm, TLC South
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Which building is TLC South?

New Heights East
Wednesdays, 7pm, Room 123
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New Heights West
Tuesdays, 7pm, Room 202
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